Jax Wax Finnesse

Jax Wax Finnesse
Item# jax-wax-finnesse

Product Description

Jax Wax Finesse is a light lotion polish designed to remove swirls, light imperfections, minor scratches, from delicate paint finishes. Use Jax Wax Finesse to achieve an Ultra Mirror-Like Finish.

Jax Wax Finesse is designed to be used with a high speed rotary buffer, and can also be used by hand to remove slight imperfections and micro scratches. Jax Wax Finesse is designed to be used as a final finishing product to remove swirl marks after compounding or more aggressive polishing. Jax Wax Finesse will also remove water spots and slight oxidation.

Jax Wax Finesse is Body Shop Safe.